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One of the finest Contemporary American sculptors and New York's premiere metal furniture designer — Silas Seandel Studio has been providing fine sculptured furniture for over 45 years. Silas Seandel original works are shipped worldwide to discriminating private and corporate collectors.

The work showcased on this site represents only a fraction of our collection. Our pieces are individually crafted to size, shape and finish. All of our fine sculptured furniture is created in either metal design, or stone design - we do not work in wood.



"Tig" or tungsten inert gas welding of forged mirror finished stainless steel is but one part of our fabrication processes. We also use the more traditional "stick welding" (electric arc) a great deal. However the studio also employs the nearly lost art of brazing to a great extent wherein dissimilar metals are flawlessly joined.


A surprising amount of time is spent in "finishing" the metals. Finishing includes grinding, polishing, and buffing. The different kinds of wheels, disks and cutters employed is vast. Here the edge of a dining room table is being roughed out before the final smoothing out process can begin.

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